Suffolk County Fees to increase

If you were looking to visit any of the Suffolk County Parks, expect to pay even more in 2017.

The county legislature has approved the 10% increase in fee’s, and is scheduled to go into effect starting January 1st.

Green Key passes, which provide residents discounted admission to county parks and beaches, will be rising from $26 to $30. The discounted rate for senior citizens of 60 years and older, handicapped, volunteer firefighters and EMS Works, will be going up from $13 to $15.
The highest hike in fee’s all started in 2016, the first since 2011. In 2016, the Green Key went from $24 to $26.

The presiding officer at the request of County Executive Steve Bellone insist’s that the rising in fee’s are needed to cover the county’s increased cost of providing the facilities and activities.

Camping fee’s will also be going up under a new tiered system, that will charge different fee’s for different parks and even differ for the type of camp sites. Amenity fee’s will also be assessed separately.
At the flagship parks, the campsite fee’s will remain at $17/night. Tier 1 sites will cost $9, and Tier 2 sites will cost an extra $4 ($13 total). If you wish to have electric at the campsite, you can expect to pay $6 more and $10 more if you want the full hookup.
Cancellation fee’s and late checkout fee’s will be going from $28 to $30, and Campers will be charged a $9 fee.

The annual fee’s for horseback riding, metal detectors, and model planes will be going from $30 to $35 for individual permits, and from $60 to $70 for families.

Special group event fees are also on the rise, but differ depending on the number of people attending the event. You can expect additional fees however, which include per-person, pavilion use, and alcohol permit fee’s to increase. There’s a brand new $25 application and processing fee.

For Marina and dockage fees, you can expect a rise from $52 to $58 weekdays, and $60 to $66 on weekends. Dockage fees and storage fees will increase an unknown amount.

If you wish to have electrical service at the boat slips, it’ll be $14/night, up from $12.

Boat launching permits will be going from $33 to $40 as well, $25 for seniors, veterans, handicapped and volunteer emergency service works (up from $20)