Robert Moses West Marina open to overnight stays

New York State’s Robert Moses Park has a brand new, and barely used, a marina that’s open for overnight stays.

According to the Long Island Deputy Regional Director of the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, George Gorman, there has only been a total of seven (7) boaters that have booked overnight stays. The total number of nights booked so far were eight (8) nights.

Gorman hopes that the long long Independence Day holiday weekend entices boaters to stay overnight.

The marina’s location is a prime spot for an overnight stay, being so close to Field 3. Gorman is quoted by Newsday “Once the boaters spend the night there, they will come back – and tell their friends”

While the West Marina provides a docking location for small boats, it does not allow for overnight stays. The newly renovated East Marina allows up to 42-foot boats to stay for up to a week and only cost $75 a night from Thursday to Sunday, then $35 a night for Monday through Wednesday.

The parks department is limiting the amount of time a boater can stay for seven days in a row. They would have to spend a minimum of 48 hours somewhere else before returning to the newly renovated marina again.

The marina is only available through Columbus Day Weekend.

If you’d to make a reservation, or get a list of their regulations you can call 631-669-0449