Residents want Shoreham Nuclear Plant to be Preserve

More then a decade has passed since Shoreham was supposed to be the home of Long Island’s Nuclear Power Plant. A vision of Long Island Lighting Co. it now sits Dormant.

LIPA has been trying to figure out what to do with the vacant plant. Some of the propersals included wind turbines, dredging for a Deep Water Port, and cutting down the shoreham forest and building a large solar plant.

Recently, there is a new idea that is starting to come around… and that is turning the land into a State Park.

“It’s just sitting there, like an eyesore,” one man said.

In total the plant cost $6 billion, and is situated on 700 acres of shorefront property.

“Everybody supports solar, but you don’t cut down trees in order to have solar. That’s like saying we need to destroy the environment in order to save it. It’s just stupid,” Richard Amper, of the Pine Barrens Association, said. His association is all for the installation of solar panels, as well long as it’s on existing buildings or existing cleared land.

Recently local leaders were invited to talk a guided walk through the woodlands that are at stake of being cut down.

“If this is able to be preserved, it would complete a north-south greenbelt right through the middle of our largest town,” a tour guide said.

The proposal for the creation of the State Park would be funded by both Private and Public funds.

Not only would the parkland help protect the existing forest and woodlands, it could also help protect one of Long Island’s vulnerable aquifers where Long Islanders get their drinking water from. The forest already is an existing critical habitat that is for endangered birds and other animal species.

“To make one big, great, giant, preserved state park,” Brookhaven Councilwoman Jane Bonner said of the ambitious goal.

“I think we would hate ourselves if we didn’t make this fight,” Sid Bail, of the Wading River Civic Association, added.

Both National Grid and PSE&G would have to sign off on the state park plan for it to be considered feasible.