Shadmoor State Park

Shadmoor State Park

About this park

Shadmoor state park is a ninety-nine-acre plot of land located about a quarter-mile east of the Montauk Village. The park features a rich shadbush environment from which it gets its name from. The park has rolling geography with bluffs, freshwater wetlands, hiking trails, and elevated platforms for some bird watching or just enjoying the view of the shoreline.

Visitors of the park may enjoy picnics and some saltwater fishing.

The park’s plantation not only has shadbush plants, but also some black cherry trees and clusters of rare, and federally-endangered sand plain gerardia plants.

Visitors of the park may also enjoy some historical remnants of a once Military occupied Montauk. There are still two full-sized concrete bunkers that were erected during World War 2 to help protect the Long Island coastline.


This park is maintained by:

New York State

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