Ultimate LI Lighthouse Road Trip

Long Island is home to many lighthouses. Beautiful monuments to a time of dangerous travels and when technology did not dominate navigation. We have compiled a list of Lighthouses that are a must to visit

1. Huntington Harbor Lighthouse

Formerly known as the Lloyd Harbor Lighthouse, this piece of Long Island’s History can be found out in the Huntington Bay. It was first lit in 1912, and then automated in 1949. It still serves as a navigational beacon.

2. Fire Island Lighthouse

A Landmark in itself, The Fire Island lighthouse began operation back in 1858. It is now part of the National Register of Historic Places. Visiting this lighthouse requires a brisk walk on a boardwalk.

3. Old Field Lighthouse

Before the first lighthouse was ever completed at Old Field Point in 1823, there were no lighthouses on the entire North Shore between Eatons Neck and Little Gull Island. This light is a perfect stop, and visiting it you can see some view beautiful views of the Long Island Sound from its bluff. The lighthouse is currently owned by the Old Field Village and while the grounds are open to the public, it is used for their police force.

4. Horton Point Lighthouse

Located on a bluff on the Long Island Sound, the Horton Point Lighthouse was built in 1857. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Just look for the signs that point into neighborhoods and you’ll eventually wind up at this hidden East End gem.

5. Long Beach Lighthouse – AKA Bug Lighthouse

Located off of a sandbar in the middle of the Greater Peconic Bay, this lighthouse is not accessible by car, or hiking. If you’d like to view it, just take a nice hike through the Orient Point State Park to the end, or park on 25 and grab your binoculars. If you contact the EastEndSeaport Museum, they do provide tours to the light by boat.

6. Orient Point Lighthouse

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Privately owned, this lighthouse is located all the way at the end of the North Fork. If you have a permit you’d be able to drive onto the beach and view this lighthouse, otherwise you can take a nice walk on the beach or through hiking trails from the Orient Point Ferry.
Many know this lighthouse as a Spark Plug lighthouse, and was only recently added to the landmark registry back in 2007.

7. Cedar Island Lighthouse

Located on a sandbar that was once it’s own island, Cedar Island Lighthouse was built to aide navigation into Sag Harbor. The Lighthouse is currently being renovated by a private non for profit organization with the hopes of making it a bed and breakfast. If you can’t make it to this lighthouse, which requires a bit of a sandy hike, you can always visit it’s lantern at the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum, where it sit’s during a roof renovation.

8. Montauk Point Lighthouse

The most popular and well-known lighthouse in the entire state of New York, the Montauk Point Lighthouse is located at “The End”, or the End of Long Island that is. With the exception of Fisher Island, Montauk Point is the farthest East one can drive in New York State without a ferry ride. Montauk Light is the oldest Lighthouse in New York and is the fourth oldest active lighthouse in the United States. The lighthouse is also the model for each of Long Islands State Parkways.


For those who want to take an extra step can try and contact the U.S. Coast Guard Station at Ashroken and get a visitors pass for the Eatons Neck Lighthouse.

Check out the google map for an interactive look!