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Hedges Creek County Park (Fuoco Preserve)

Goose Creek

Patriots Preserve Park

Deep Wells County Farm

Robert Miner Park formerly Rocket Ship Park

Napeague State Park

Featured Parks

West Meadow Beach

West Meadow Beach is a Long Island Sound beach located in Setauket, New York. It includes a large beach area, spray park, playground, volleyball court, gazebo,

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Wades Beach

Shelter Island has a variety of beautiful beaches. A beach sticker is required for any vehicle that parks at any of the town beaches. Parking permits

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Reeves Beach

Beaches are open daily from sunrise to 10pm year round. You do require a permit from April 15 to November 15 Fishing permits are required after

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Tobay Beach

Tobay Beach derives its name as an acronym for Town of Oyster Bay. It is an exclusive beach in Massapequa just passed Jones Beach on

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IN ADDITION to providing a resource for Long Islanders to find the perfect park to visit, we strongly believe that you should also know the history or background of that park. We also strongly believe that everyone should have a part in keeping Long Island natural and beautiful.

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Ray Larsen

Suffolk County 4×4 Beach Access

Suffolk County Parks Department offers residents the ability to use Recreational Vehicles (or Off-Road Vehicles) on shoreline beaches. It’s safe to say that the limited

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A Day in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island

Only a few hundred yards beyond this view, the road arcs to the left and threads its way through the hamlet, which is very small. But so, too, are gens. This one sparkles through its harbor and exudes its history through its nature, museums, and restored buildings. It is a living example of how its purpose has evolved as a result of time, transportation, and technology. And a day spent here will demonstrate that.

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Ray Larsen

2021 Give Away!

LIParks Give Away So this is exciting, isn’t it? Long Island Parks “Hiking Long Island” Facebook group has recently hit 10,000 members and is continuing

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