Free Admission to All State Park Locations on Wednesday, June 19 and Thursday, June 20 To Help New Yorkers Beat the Heat at Beaches and Pools

Cooling Features Such as Misters and Sprays To Be Added at Several State Park Sites Throughout New York City

Select Beaches and Pools Opened Early This Week To Help New Yorkers Cool Down During the Heat Wave

New Yorkers Encouraged To Stay Hydrated and Wear Sunscreen; Find Cooling Centers in New York State and New York City

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced that admission to all New York State Parks will be free on Wednesday, June 19 and Thursday, June 20 to help New Yorkers beat the heat this week. Governor Hochul announced several beaches and pools are temporarily open ahead of the season and cooling features such as sprays and misters are being added at several State Park sites throughout New York City.

“Extreme heat can be dangerous for New Yorkers, and I’m doing everything I can to help families stay safe and cool this week,” Governor Hochul said. “I encourage everyone to take advantage of free and early admission to our world class beaches, pools and other State Park sites to beat the heat as we expect record temperatures across the state.”

Starting today, record temperatures are possible in Western, Central, Northern New York, and the Capital Region. The “feels like” temperature values could approach the low 90’s to over 100 degrees today through Friday. Ahead of pools, beaches, and other cooling opportunities at State Park sites opening for the season, the Governor directed several locations to open temporarily this week to help New Yorkers cool down.

New York State Parks Commissioner Pro Tempore Randy Simons said, “We are excited to support Governor Hochul’s efforts to help New Yorkers find safe and affordable places to cool off during this week of extreme heat. From Jones Beach on Long Island to Allegany State Park in Western New York, our state park system offers exceptional places to relax in the outdoors. So take a break from this heat by cooling off at one of our incredible beaches or simply relaxing in the shade of our parks.” 

Governor Hochul is encouraging New Yorkers to stay safe in the face of extreme heat, which is the leading cause of weather-related deaths nationwide, according to CDC data. New Yorkers should prepare in advance, know the symptoms and what to do in the case of heat stroke and exhaustion, and never leave children and pets unsupervised in hot cars. Sign up for NY alertsthat can come to your phone and email and other alerts offered in your local community. If you plan to visit one of our outdoor State Park sites, wear sunscreen and a ventilated hat (e.g., straw or mesh) when in the sun, even if it is cloudy. More safety tips available here.

A full list of expanded access to State Parks and cooling features is available below:

Sites to add cooling features through Friday:

New York City

Sites open early for swimming:

Long Island

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