Long Island’s Fall Foliage is just changing.

Fall Foliage 10-17-2020 source ILoveNY

On Long Island, foliage change in Nassau County and western Suffolk County should be approaching midpoint by this weekend, with about 50% of trees showing some degree of seasonal color. Parks and parkways could also feature some near peak colors in some areas. Bethpage State Park is starting to show some color on the bicycle/walking trails and the golf course. Look for yellow, orange, red, and brown fall colors against plenty of remaining green. Reports from Hempstead Lake State Park in Nassau County predict 40% change by the weekend with increasing amounts of bright red, yellow, and orange leaves. Spotters reporting from Old Westbury predict 20% color change with muted lime green, yellow, brown, and green leaves. Spotters checking in from Valley Stream State Park in Valley Stream predict 15-20% color change this weekend, with more yellow leaves emerging.

The report comes from the ILoveNY state campaign.