Ray Larsen


2021 Give Away!

LIParks Give Away So this is exciting, isn’t it? Long Island Parks “Hiking Long Island” Facebook group has recently hit 10,000 members and is continuing

2020 Holiday Events

With it being December and all, I’ve dug a bit to find some fun activities to do this Winter! If you have any events you’d

Top 5 Best Hiking Shoes

With all the great parks that there are to explore on Long Island, you are going to want to wear a comfortable pair of hiking

Photo by Shaan Johari from Pexels

Suffolk County 4×4 Beach Access

Suffolk County Parks Department offers residents the ability to use Recreational Vehicles (or Off-Road Vehicles) on shoreline beaches. It’s safe to say that the limited

Who was King Zong?

Not many people really that Long Island once housed royalty from many different countries and financial empires, resulting in the nickname of the “Gold Coast”.